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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Information

Yes of course. On the back of each package is the list of ingredients and the nutrition factsheet of the product. This information will be soon found on our website.

All Bilboquet ice creams are made with 3.25% milk and 35% cream. We do not make low-fat ice cream. We have tried and we consider that the product is bland and without texture. However all our sorbets except the coconut are fat free.

As some of our products have flour-based additions, some of our ice creams contain gluten.

Yes. Many of our ice creams are made with nuts and these products are made in the same spaces as others. We can not guarantee to allergic people that our products have never been in contact with nuts.

Preservation and Presentation of Products

Bilboquet ice cream is best stored in a freezer at -18ºC. However, as soon as a pot is started, we suggest you finish it as soon as possible because the worst enemy of ice cream and sorbet is the dry air of the freezer.

Unfortunately no. Defrosting and refreezing a product can cause large ice crystals, which makes the texture grainy and decreases quality. Another good reason to finish the pot!

The lid must remain tightly closed. Do not leave the ice cream too long at room temperature. After serving it, put it back in the freezer immediately. We recommend that you keep it at a temperature of at least -18ºC.

The stores Bilboquet

Food markets are limited by space in their freezers. They usually offer the most popular flavors.

Absolutely. We invite you to consult the page where we describe the different cakes and to communicate with the Bilboquet store nearest you to place your order.

Yes. All you have to do is ask directly at the store.

The Bilboquet Glacier is an idea that dates back to the early 1983. A family business that was created by Carole Lavallée and Yves Lebuis. To learn more about the company's origins, read our story on the home page.

Go on our contact page to find out how to reach us by email or by phone.

Just write us a few words with your coordinates under “contact us” and we will rapidly get in touch with you.

If you have any other questions or comments, we would love to read them.