Our Little Story

Since its foundation in 1983 until today.

Le Glacier Bilboquet

After two years of maturing their project to launch an artisanal glacier, Carole Lavallée and Yves Lebuis decided to create Le Glacier Bilboquet Inc.

Carole and Yves take possession of a fairly decaying premise at 1311 Bernard Avenue in Outremont and begin the renovations.

July 22nd 1983
Opening Doors

Opens its doors to the public.

On June 22nd 1983 Le Glacier Bilboquet opens its doors to the public.

The success was resounding and immediate. First by the festive atmosphere that prevailed in the store and by the original flavors that were offered to customers.

The ice cream is made in the store and quickly the demand exceeds the supply. Carole and Yves have to work long hours to make enough products to satisfy the many fans.

A sorbet maker is installed behind the store.

In 1984, a sorbet maker is installed behind the store to eventually offer sorbets.

A first in Quebec!

In 1984, a sorbet maker is installed behind the store to eventually offer sorbets.

Other investments in equipment require more space.

In 1988, other investments in equipment require more space and production will now be relocated on rue Beaumont in a space of just 1,000 square feet on 2 floors. That year, Bilboquet began to touch wholesale trade with a few customers in the restaurant business.

Large cold rooms.

In 1990, the Beaumont street building is renovated to accommodate large cold rooms.

Larger trucks.

In 1992, the small delivery van is replaced by a larger truck.

Several new flavors are developed.

From 1992 à 2004, the company is progressing and several new flavors are developed strictly respecting the corporate mission of offering only real products, made with real milk, real cream and real fruits, without any dyes or additives that aren’t natural. The big trend in small glaciers was and still is to use powder mixes already seasoned with the desired flavor. Bilboquet has always refused to use this much simpler but also false method!

Carole & Yves decide to sell the company.

In 2004, after a few months of reflection, Carole and Yves, who have worked hard for 20 years while their business was at the crossroads, decided to sell the company and pass the torch to a new owner who will be faithful to their mission but also make the necessary investments to enable the company to grow.

This is how Pierre Morin, a Bilboquet customer from the beginning, decided to take back the Bilboquet Glacier as a second career and to develop it by making the investments that allow producing in a more flexible and efficient way.

The factory moves.

In 2005 and 2006, the factory has moved on Avenue du Parc in a larger space with even larger and better insulated cold rooms. The quality of life at work is improved with more spacious and fully air-conditioned mixing and production rooms.

A first franchise is opened.

In 2007, a first franchise is opened on Sherbrooke Street in the Westmount neighborhood.

Old Port of Montreal in the summer.

In 2008, Le glacier Bilboquet begins to offer its products in two kiosks in the Old Port of Montreal during the summer season.

Also in 2008, les glaces du Bilboquet se retrouvent chez certaines épiceries fines de renom dans la ville de Québec.

A 2nd franchise is opened on Boulevard du Lac (Lakeshore Road).

En 2009, Bilboquet ice cream is found in some of the finest gourmet food stores in Outaouais region.

Summer of 2009, a 2nd franchise is opened on Boulevard du Lac (Lakeshore Road) in Pointe-Claire in the West Island, along the bike path.

A 3rd franchise.

June 2010, a third franchise will offer ice cream and other Bilboquet products in Centropolis, Laval. The bilboquet.ca website will also be launched.

Old Port and Plateau Mont-Royal

From 2008, a few Bilboquet stores opened up starting by a counter at the Montreal Old Port for a 5 year contract and Plateau Mont-Royal in 2011.

Another Bilboquet Opening.

In spring of 2012, another Bilboquet will open in the middle of Phase III of Quartier DIX / 30 in Brossard. The latter store will complete the goal of covering the greater Montreal area.

Top Glaciers Inc.

In 2016, as the avenue du Parc plant was no longer corresponding to the growth and quality concerns le Bilboquet had, it decided to merge with 4 others brand (Solo Fruits, Hudson, Essence and Lambert) under the name Top Glaciers Inc. and moved on avenue Saint-Urbain in a new and bigger manufacturing facility offering up to date and more efficient equipment.

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